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Custom Videos

Did you always dream of having a video that you’d watch over and over again?
A video where I address you personally, I give you orders, and your fetishes are the full focus?

I am able to make these dreams come true! I can film bizarre scenarios, in which I train the actors, solo videos, or your own sessions. No matter whether in skin-tight latex, cool leather or quite classic as vamp…

Of course everything in sharpest full HD quality. Either on DVD, or as download link.

Usually it takes 7-10 days for completing individual videos.

If you are interested in having Me producing a gorgeous fetish video personally, proceed with the form to the right.

The Questionaire

Please, make sure you fill the form on the right, as it will help Me to better understand your request and deliver a totally customised video addressing your preferences and fetishes. Having to think about the title of the clip and your slave name (if any) also will get you in the proper mood.

About Video Subjects

These are some subjects where I excel, but videos are not limited to those in the list. Feel free to use the text field at the bottom to detail your fantasies.

About Wardrobe and Footwear Requests

As you know, I have a large collection of latex, leather, lingerie, high heel shoes and boots. I will always try to address your requests, but some might items might not be available anymore or don’t fit me properly. In those cases, arrangements will be done to provide a suitable alternative.

Reference Images

While this is not compulsory, it is a good idea that you share one or two images to better explain your fetishes. Remember, the pics don’t have to be Mine and are only used as reference.

Technical warning

The video is going to be delivered digitally in MP4 format and High Resolution. If you have a special request in that department, make sure to comment it and we will work to find a solution.

All videos are done in one continuous sequence. If your script requires multiple takes and complex editing, beyond simple cuts, it will reflect in the final price of the clip.


You will get a personalised quotation based on the information provided in the form and additional email exchanges we might have.

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