Sessions & Fetishes

Sessions & Fetishes

Lady Asmondena

Dear fan community,

Here perhaps you would rather expect a rigid catalogue of fetishes, like it is common in most websites. I thought about it. I believe it should be more than a generic list. The spectrum of my fetishes and games is so broad, and I have been so long in the S&M and fetish world, that nothing is unfamiliar to me.

Just as wide is the variety of preferences, fantasies, and fetishes of each person who is looking for a particular experience. Therefore, it is imperative to have an exchange, because this is the base of each successful session. My range is huge, and my fantasy unlimited. I am a perfectionist and I have visions, I love bizarre games in the black and in the white range.

Anybody interested in having a session with me can drop me an e-mail, and he will receive an answer. ????

You can also go for phone contact, but I’d like to point out that it is not a studio with always different ladies. Everything is very private and discrete. That is also the way I treat my guests. I always take a lot of time for each of them. Therefore, it is also possible that I cannot answer a phone call. For that reason I offer e-mail contact too.

I have performed in more than 350 SM clips and films. I am also as a private in the scene and I met a lot of different people with the most different background, whose fetishes are so different, that I decided to give up a list of all fetishes I engage in.

SM and fetish should always be something special, they do not fit into a catalogue. If you agree with me, perhaps we should get in touch.

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Sessions & Experiences

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Session Rules

Appointments by arrangement only:

Monday – Friday from 11.00 to 21.00
Phone Calls after 10.00 a.m. available
Weekends on request !

Calls withdrawn number won´t be answered.

Mobile +49 176 – 988 42 42 3

Mail: asmondenahh@web.de